/ I'm Kenny, and I'm a programmer.

Curriculum Vitae

About me

Programmer with a diverse experience including web development, functional programming, security, automated testing and hardware. Multilingual, having contributed to production code in Python, Go, Clojure and Haskell.

Work experience

Programmer at Genk Capital

January 2021 - Present


Co-founder & CTO at Anapi

Feb 2018 - September 2020

Technical cofounder. I helped developed a process for both product development as well as implementation. I was also involved in codriving in-person BD pitches to various insurers across ASEAN. I was also active in setting up processes for the team, including OKRs, engineering processes and remote friendly work culture.

» Hub: Our flagship B2B insurance management system with a frontend developed using React and Rx.js supported by a REST API written in Clojure, alongside a data retrieval system using Tessaract and Python

» Partnership sales: Developed direct insurance sales in partnership with insurers using React and Stripe Connect to route payment transfers

» EPG dashboard: Developed a lightweight system for selected customers who wanted to introduce self-insurance (captives) to their existing risk management strategies

» Responsible for deployment of entire technology stack onto AWS via Terraform, overseeing pentesting and secure code verification requirements in accordance with MAS guidelines

VP of Engineering at Courex (rebranded as Urbanfox)

Feb 2017 - Jan 2018

Oversaw engineering for the warehouse management systems. I lead a small team that was responsible for developing customer facing features for in-house B2B omnichannel application. When the company was acquired by Keppel, I also worked closely with their project team to integrate their systems for online marketplaces like Lazada.

» Developed a daemon application to bridge multi-organization warehouse management systems for omnichannel logistics and ecommerce marketplaces using Haskell

» Wrote a SSO microservice for unifying sign-ins across warehouse and transport management systems using Haskell

Senior software engineer at Zalora

Sep 2013 - Jan 2017

Zalora gave me a diverse environment to grow out of my web development shoes. I worked with the data science team to support the hypergrowth of the company, as well as the engineering teams across various functions to drive site reliability. Along the way, I was exposed to Haskell on a production environment as well as NixOS as an alternative to large scale deployments.

» Developed micro services for supporting ecommerce store (e.g. recommendations for SKUs) in Haskell

» Worked with the ecommerce team in fixing and refactoring various outstanding issues from the inherited legacy PHP codebase

» Worked with the mobile team to develop a logging system in their Golang codebase

» Worked with marketing team to develop data analytics and engineering pipelines used for decision making and channel attribution in R and Python


Earlier work experience pre-2013 include Tripvillas (backed by Neoteny Labs), Fairfax Business Media and JamiQ (a social media analytics platform). This earlier period of my career spanned around 5 years, where I was specialised in web development using Python and Django for these companies.

Testimonials from coworkers

Kenny is a combination of everything you could ask for in an ideal CTO / VP Engineering / technical cofounder / technical manager: very practical, knowledgable and experienced in every single step of the engineering process; phenomenal interpersonal skills; and most importantly, having a good heart and caring so much about the product, the company, and the people he works with. To me, Kenny was not only an awesome colleague that I was so lucky to work with but also, has been a great mentor and a great friend that I am thankful and honored to have.

Dat Le, Head of Data at FoodPanda

His investigative mind also provides a valuable asset when it comes to analysing bigger data sets. He's persistent enough to follow up and hunt down subtle data inconsistencies while always maintaining the bigger picture. In any undertaking he always showed a very principled, scientific approach that is at the same time very much aimed at solving the problem at hand.

Soenke Hahn, Twitter

Kenny Shen is passionate about, eager to and capable of understanding complex problems and efficient in finding practical and correct solutions.

Simon Hengel, author of Hspec

He is an experienced engineering manager that has a great personality and is strongly passionate about engineering practices and team culture.

Ernest Sim, Co-founder & CTO at Grain

I've known Kenny for years in both personal and professional capacity. There are very few people who possess the finesse of knowing how to craft the right solution to solve a problem. Kenny is one of them. He is well-liked as a team member, always willing to go the extra mile to impart knowledge or to add the extra push to deliver a project. How he got to where he is today wasn't easy. Please ask him! I count myself extremely fortunate to have worked with him, but also unfortunate that the stint could not be longer. Needless to say, I'd relish another chance to work with him again.

Wong Liang Zan, Co-founder & CTO at Propine Capital

I had the pleasure working with Kenny as an Intern at Anapi. As the CTO, he placed emphasis on communication and collaboration, which maximized productivity of the team. He is frank with his opinions, which prevents the team from sweeping problems under the rug. As a mentor, he provides clarity and expert advice in complex technical matters. As such, I still seek his opinion on various technical problems. He is also adept at good coding practices and provides guidance to developers to write quality programs. He often mentions "less code is good code".

Noel Kwan, Software engineer

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